Forever alone

If you’re a touch antisocial in the skin, then PlayStation Vita’s upcoming Friend Network application should get you chatting in no time. The download – which stars PlayStation mascot Toro – has been available in Asia for a while now, and allows you to “visualise your friends and gaming buddies through the use of avatars in a colourful environment”. You can swap virtual business cards, chat with new contacts in lobbies, and more, all with the aim of recruiting 100 friends.

The game also hooks into real life social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to see which friends are using the application and add them to your network immediately. Once you’ve made some relationships, you can assign your buddies work, which will allow you to build a more interesting hub area. You can even bring a team of your favourite associates into a dungeon, allowing you to fight bosses for the right to earn even more business cards.

It actually sounds really fun. We’ve included the application’s Asian trailer in the space below. There’s no word on a European release just yet, but Sony promises that the free download is coming to North America soon. Let us know if this is something that you’re excited for in the comments section below.