Thomas Was Alone Finding Company on PS3 and Vita

Popular indie title Thomas Was Alone is making some much needed friends on PlayStation 3 and Vita this year – a fact that designer Mike Bithell is struggling to comprehend. “I made a game about rectangles and friendship in my free time,” he explained on the PlayStation Blog. “I was shocked when a community formed and people actually played it.”

At its core, the title is all about guiding various pieces of geometry to an exit point. But, as with so many other indie games, you’ll find that there's actually a lot more to it than that. “[You’ll need to] use [your characters] skills in tandem, be it flotation, anti-gravity, bounciness or, well, jumping slightly higher,” Bithell said. As you progress, Yes Man author and Assassin’s Creed voice actor Danny Wallace will be on hand to narrate your journey.

The title will feature full cross-buy between the PS3 and Vita, with the latter version boasting some fancy touch screen options; you’ll be able to move the camera using the additional interface, as well as switch characters with a simple tap. Furthermore, the console release will come with a creator’s commentary, in addition to an extra slice of DLC "about a square who is given a jetpack”. It all sounds rather fascinating, doesn't it?