Microsoft's not a fan

Microsoft must be starting to feel threatened. The company has already predicted that mainstream consumers "won't know” about PlayStation’s upcoming next generation console announcement, and now it’s insinuated that the PS3 is a poor choice for entertainment options – despite it being the most popular TV-connected Netflix platform in the world.

Speaking at the D:Dive into Media event in California earlier today, Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi explained that the Xbox 360 is currently transitioning from a “gaming console to an entertainment console”. He added that the PS3 "isn't as good” in that area, and that’s something that “everybody knows”.

We’d argue that the aforementioned Netflix figures refute Mehdi’s claims, but what would we know? It’s not like the PS3 has a Blu-ray player and free access to the majority of the services locked behind a pay wall on Microsoft’s machine, after all. Say, do you guys know where we can pick up some brand new HD-DVDs?