Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, and More Free on EU PS Plus

The season of goodwill continues for European PlayStation Plus subscribers, with a wealth of stellar updates in the pipeline. Starting from 6th March, you’ll be able to download BioWare’s controversial space shooter Mass Effect 3 for free, as well as Tecmo Koei’s busty brawler Dead or Alive 5, and Hello Games’ outrageous stuntman sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie.

Meanwhile, on PlayStation Vita, you’ll unlock access to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on 13th March and the surprisingly enjoyable physics-based puzzler Puddle on 20th March. There’ll also be the usual mix of savings throughout the month, including an enormous 40 percent discount on Far Cry 3 from 27th March.

We should probably point out that Sleeping Dogs, Vanquish, and Limbo are all set to leave the Instant Game Collection on 6th March. Non-subscribers may want to keep their eyes peeled to Push Square over the coming weeks, as we may have a few free vouchers to give away.

As always, let us know if you're satisfied with this update in the comments section and poll below.

Which PS Plus title are you most looking forward to in March? (11 votes)

  1. Mass Effect 336%
  2. Dead or Alive 518%
  3. Joe Danger 2: The Movie18%
  4. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection27%
  5. Puddle  0%

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