Stairway to the delicatessen

After appearances on both PlayStation Minis and PlayStation Mobile, Laughing Jackal’s excellent endless runner Hungry Giraffe is heading to the PlayStation Vita for thirds. The upgraded re-release will boast a bevy of new features, including full Trophy support and online leaderboards. It’ll also implement a handful of new skins, allowing you to scoff your way to the stars as an emu, reindeer, or snake.

Greedy gamers will be able to spend calories in a new in-game storefront, unlocking ace upgrades designed to give you an advantage in your eating endeavours. One new power-up in particular, the ‘Angel Feather’, will give a new lease of life when you’re falling to your doom.

We were quite fond of Hungry Giraffe when we reviewed the Minis version last year, awarding the digital download a favourable 7/10. If you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay, check out the trailer for the PlayStation Mobile version in the space below. Look out for our full interview with Laughing Jackal later in the week.