The one that got away

Hands up if you've played Blur? Not many of you, huh? That’s a real shame, because the Bizarre Creations developed combat racer is one of our favourite titles on the PlayStation 3. Not only does it have a solid single-player campaign, but it’s also augmented with one of the slickest online components we’ve ever had the fortune to fiddle around with.

Sadly, the game sold extremely poorly, securing the Liverpool-based developer’s fate. But Chris Davie, a Bizarre Creations employee for ten years, has revealed that the team was working on a sequel prior to its untimely demise in 2011. A couple of videos posted to the former art director's personal portfolio show a repurposing of the first game’s Brighton track, in addition to an original circuit set in Dubai. The latter was built upon a new engine that never quite got finished.

You can peruse both of the videos through here. Chris Davie is now working for Lucid Games, the developer behind the recent PlayStation Vita application, Travel Bug.

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