Try to ignore the distractions

Seeing as there’s still no port of Trials Evolution on the PlayStation 3, we suspect that you’re going to snap up Urban Trial Freestyle out of necessity. The Tate Interactive developed PS3 and Vita title is due out later this year, and promises a deep arcade motorcycle experience with bombastic visuals and an addictive social hook. Where do we sign up?

“We wanted Urban Trial Freestyle to provide players with the highest level of competition as possible, so we are including about 100 different leaderboards,” explained general manager Wojtek Bilinski on the PlayStation Blog. There are two different game types, Stunt Mode and Time Attack, with each option boasting its own scoreboard on every track. The latter also includes a Ghost feature, allowing you to challenge the best players in the world or your friends.

“We wanted to take advantage of the high-end graphics and the power that PS3‘s Cell processor provides,” added Bilinski. “So we developed a live background and enhanced gameplay with secondary events like police chases, barricades, and all the demolition you can imagine when you put a crazy guy on a motorbike and let him jump over the motorway.”

You can check out the title in action courtesy of the trailer embedded below. We certainly like the look of some of the environments, and the physics seem spot on. Let’s hope that the release comes together, because we’ve been craving a game like this on a Sony system for years now.