Turn that frown upside down

Ubisoft has submitted a new trademark for its forgotten PlayStation 3 first-person shooter Killing Day. Those of you with sharp memories will recall the title originally being announced during Sony’s legendary 2005 E3 press conference, only to get totally upstaged by a certain Killzone 2 target render.

Despite renewing the registration in 2009, the company abandoned the trademark last year, making its sudden revival all the more interesting. Could a next generation reboot be on the cards? "No comment for now,” a spokesperson told Joystiq.

The original 30-second demonstration certainly looked interesting enough, promising a physics-driven adventure with lots of dual-wielding. We’ve embedded the trailer below for those of you who are struggling to remember it. It has been nearly eight years, after all.

[source tsdr.uspto.gov, via playstationlifestyle.net, joystiq.com]