Silence of the lambs

Telltale Games’ award winning take on The Walking Dead was heavily inspired by PlayStation 3 exclusives such as Uncharted and Heavy Rain. Chatting with Red Bull UK, co-founder Dan Connors explained that the team spent a lot of time analysing the Sony-published titles during development, in addition to movies and TV shows.

“I think the games that we talked about the most during development were Heavy Rain and Uncharted from a cinematic standpoint, and Mass Effect from a choice standpoint,” he said. “For other media we always look at the best episodic series out there – obviously The Walking Dead TV show, but also Game of Thrones and Mad Men, for the way they handle characters and are able to present them with so much depth.”

The title’s critical and commercial success means that there’s already a second season of The Walking Dead in the works, and the developer is keen to find a way to bring save data forward. “Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two,” he explained. “This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over.”

And as for other properties that Telltale would like to tackle next, Connor’s looking to the sky. “Coming from LucasArts we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” he beamed. Where do we sign up?