You shouldn't have

In order to remind you that, hey, PlayStation Mobile actually launched, Sony has concocted a promotion that will see a handful of games given away over the next six weeks. All you need to do to claim the goodies is own a compatible device and hit the download button on the PlayStation Store.

The first freebie is Beatnik Games’ decent rhythm action brawler Samurai Beatdown, which we conveniently reviewed yesterday morning. It’ll be available for free for the next seven days, after which it will be replaced by an alternative title.

There are more details available on the PlayStation Blog. We should probably point out that this initiative is limited to Europe at the moment. Those of you in North America will need to dust off your wallets if you want to join in on the fun.

Update: Nope, the offer's going international. Sony has confirmed that North American gamers will be able to claim their free PlayStation Mobile titles every Wednesday, too.