Head in the clouds

A team comprised of former LittleBigPlanet developers has turned to Kickstarter following the cancellation of its first PlayStation Vita project. Ambient Studios – which was founded in 2011 – had been working on a Sony-funded handheld title for a year before the platform holder decided to pull the plug.

“We'd been working on the [Vita] game for about a year,” Jonny Hopper, who worked on the original LittleBigPlanet’s user creation tools, told Eurogamer.net. “Eventually it came to a mismatch of expectations of what we wanted to deliver and what we could deliver and what they wanted. So near the end of last year they pulled the funding plug unfortunately.”

It’s unclear what the title was about, but the team were understandably devastated by the cancellation. “We were really gutted,” he continued. “It was a bit of a shocker. But these things happen. That's game development. Games get canned all the time.”

Ambient Studios is currently seeking crowd-funding for its PC-based strategy title, Death Inc. It also intends to announce a self-funded iPad game in the coming weeks. Asked whether the team could finish the Vita title in the future, Hopper was reluctant to make any promises. “We don't really want to right now,” he said. “Financially it wouldn't work for us.”

And another one bites the dust.

[source eurogamer.net]