Knuckle sandwich

Sleeping Dogs won’t be taking a nap prior to the impending Chinese New Year celebrations, because it’s got a brand new slice of post-release content in the pipeline. The festive ‘Year of the Snake’ add-on – as spotted by our partners in crime, – promises a wealth of cosmetic tweaks, many of which are evidenced in the leaked trailer embedded below.

According to the content’s Trophy list, the expansion will see you joining a bomb squad and using your new found skills to wipe out a group of cultists. As always, there'll be a slew of collectibles for you to snag along the way.

Square Enix has yet to officially confirm the pack, but we’re sure that it will break its silence soon. After all, there’s just over a week until the Chinese New Year takes place for real, and we can’t imagine that the publisher will want to miss out on a cross-marketing opportunity.

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