Image: Nintendo Life

You may not have heard of George Andreas, but you will almost certainly have played one of his games. The former Rare employee worked on a wealth of classics during his 16 year tenure at the UK studio, including Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and even GoldenEye 007. But, after playing a pivotal role in the production of Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season 2, the developer has decided to replace the green of Xbox for the blue of PlayStation.

According to Eurogamer.net, Andreas started work at Sony’s longstanding London office earlier this month, taking the role of creative director. It’s unclear what the luminary’s working on, but we’d bet the bank on it being for the PlayStation 4. Maybe it’s time to bring back The Getaway 3.

[source eurogamer.net, via polygon.com]