Coming through

Zombie Driver HD, the promising isometric undead racing sim from EXOR Studios, is drifting onto the European PlayStation Store today. The title – which was originally due out in late 2011 – finds you “trapped in a city full of walking corpses without any option to escape”. Your only method of survival is driving like a maniac, running down any unfortunate zombies that happen to get in your way.

“It took us a lot longer to finish the game than we originally expected, but in return we were able to add a lot more content,” studio co-founder Pawel Lekki noted on the PlayStation Blog. Additions to the PS3 version include an extended narrative, fresh boss battles, and new vehicles. The game also runs in blistering 1080p.

The zombie slayer will be accompanied by a slew of themes, wallpapers, and avatars when the European PlayStation Store refreshes later this evening. There’ll also be the option to try a demo if you’re not convinced that the game is for you. In the meantime, check out the explosive trailer embedded below.