Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Is a Closet Mass Effect Cosplayer

Like most people, we spend the majority of our evenings prancing around in N7 gear, pretending to save the galaxy from imminent Reaper attacks – but we never suspected that Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke was a part of our fantasy circle. However, the below trailer provides irrefutable proof that, even when faced with an undead pandemic, the unhinged hero loves to whip out his Mass Effect equipment and put on his best Commander Shepard impression.

You’ll be able to equip Clarke and his co-op buddy John Carver with the armour yourself by playing the upcoming Dead Space 3 on a console with a Mass Effect 3 save stored on it. EA’s magical detection technology will work out the rest, unlocking the extra content in your game if you pass the required inspections. How’s that for rewarding customer loyalty?