Clock blockers

Retro City Rampage will party like it’s 1989 in Europe very soon. One-man developer Brian Provinciano has reached out to us to confirm that the international version of the critically acclaimed 8-bit adventure is in certification with SCEE right now. The title will boast a slew of improvements over its original North American release, including “faster cars, tips screens, shop icons, additional tutorials, checkpoints, level balancing, and more”. These upgrades will be added to the US title in the coming weeks.

As with the North American version, the game will launch on both the PlayStation 3 and Vita, except in Australia and New Zealand, where only the handheld release will be available. “Being one guy handling everything, the hours in a day are stretched as it is to release the game on as many SKUs as I am,” Provinciano explained. “The time and cost required for the mandatory game ratings in Australia and New Zealand cannot be justified where things stand right now. Fortunately, it can release on Vita because these countries allow games classified under ‘mobile’ to use their existing PEGI ratings.”

For a little more information about the throwback adventure, check out our Retro City Rampage review. We rather liked the game.