A long lost dream

Despite being announced over 18 months ago, BioShock Vita is still not in development. Chatting with Eurogamer in an exclusive interview, series creator Ken Levine has admitted that the portable spin-off is out of his hands.

“Where the [PlayStation Vita game] stands right now, it's in the hands of the business people at Take-Two and the business people at Sony,” he said. "What happens in these business people discussions? Fortunately I don't have to take part in it anymore because I sold my company a long time ago.”

Asked whether Levine still wants to make the title, he admitted that he has plenty of great ideas for the project. “I still have a cool design for it,” he explained. “It's a question of whether those guys come to find the right mix that makes everybody happy to make that happen?”

One thing’s for certain, though: should the game ever get the nod, it won't be a port of BioShock Infinite. “I've never said it was Infinite,” he noted. “It will be something. I'm always hesitant to talk too much about things we don't have anything to show about because it's getting ahead of ourselves. I'm trying to be very careful."

We don’t want to put words into the designer’s mouth, but we reckon that the project’s doomed. With the Vita not exactly setting the sales charts alight, we’re not sure where the incentive for Take-Two to fund the title is going to come from. We suppose that Sony could cover the development costs for them, but at that point the platform holder's probably better off investing in a franchise that it actually owns.

BioShock Vita is little more than a pipe-dream at this point.

[source eurogamer.net]