This looks familiar

Saber Interactive clearly believes that the world would benefit from another third-person shooter. The developer – responsible for Inversion and TimeShift – has announced God Mode, a brand new co-operative action game heading to the PlayStation Network next year.

The title puts you in control of an ancient God who’s been stripped of his power by Hades. It's then down to you and up to three other friends to blast your way through the underworld in order to avoid eternal damnation. Essentially, it’s God of War with a touch of Serious Sam thrown in for good measure.

"It doesn't take itself too seriously," Saber Interactive’s Matthew Karch told IGN. "It is light-hearted fun and focuses on arcade style action over a deep story. I think this makes sense for downloadable games, where players are looking for some quick, thoughtless action."

The full game will feature character customisation, environmental destruction, weapon upgrades, and lots more. The question is: are you itching to play yet another third-person shooter? Let us know in the comments section below.