For a year that promised so much from a retail perspective, 2012 was more of a letdown than adulthood. Multiple delays, mismanaged expectations, and some genuinely below-par blockbusters sucked the air out of the period more promptly than a perfectly positioned Whoopee Cushion. But while the past twelve months were defined by disappointment, at least there were a handful of titles worthy of our praise.

Best PlayStation 3 Game of 2012: Mass Effect 3

Bringing the band back together

Easily the most controversial inclusion on our countdown, Mass Effect 3 was subject to a bigger backlash than a Justin Bieber single when it released in March. Equipped with an insulting ending and an even more loathsome developer response, the title seemed hell-bent on ruffling fan feathers for its first few months on the market.

But while we largely agree with the criticisms lofted at BioWare’s blockbuster, we’re not entirely convinced that they detract from the sequel’s many strengths. Commander Shepard’s final mission may have been obscured by fictional flaws, but it was still a tantalising slice of fan-service up until its final moral choice.

Mass Effect 3 did more than enough to secure a position at the top of our list

Oozing with interesting characters, memorable set-pieces, and some genuinely good gunplay – Mass Effect 3’s greatest undoing was the expectations its predecessors paved before it. And while the sequel may not have reached the intergalactic heights that it promised – it still did more than enough to secure a position at the top of our list.

“Mass Effect 3 is a fitting finale to one of gaming’s most ambitious undertakings,” we noted in our review. “And one whose influence is likely to stretch far beyond the reaches of this generation.”

Runner Up: Far Cry 3

Fire starter

Late launches are typically the death knell in a title’s game of the year ambitions, but luckily for Far Cry 3 we’re running behind schedule. Ubisoft’s tasty tropical adventure may not have been one of the most original releases of the year, but it still impressed us by virtue of its exceptional execution.

Shaping its predecessor’s ragged ideas into a cohesive whole, the open world first-person shooter made a last minute appeal for our attention when it released at the end of November. And even though the title was an extremely late addition to our poll, its sundrenched action and compelling narrative successfully secured it a place on our countdown.

Honourable Mentions: Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sleeping Dogs, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

What was your favourite PlayStation 3 game of 2012? Do you agree with our winners? Let us know in the comments section below.