Not what you expected, huh?

In this age of online connectivity, it’s rare that we don’t know about a game well in advance of its release – but Planets Under Attack slots directly under that curious category. The mysterious digital title was scheduled to get a demo on the European PlayStation Network a few weeks ago, but it never emerged. In spite of that, the download received a slew of themes and avatars as part of the most recent North American store refresh. So, what gives?

Well, despite bearing an uncanny resemblance to a dummy PSN title used in firmware update screenshots, the truth surrounding Planets Under Attack is significantly less exciting. The title is in development at Targem Games, the Russian studio responsible for the surprisingly solid Armageddon Riders. The strategy release – published by TopWare Interactive – sees you attempting to conquer planets in a slew of single-player and online missions that blend traditional swarm-based gameplay with tower defence. According to the developer, it will challenge "newbies and veterans alike".

The intergalactic head-scratcher's already available for both the PC and Mac in the UK, but there’s no word on a PlayStation Network release date. We’ve reached out to both Targem Games and TopWare Interactive in order to see if we can clear things up.