Big bird

Ratloop Asia’s brilliantly bizarre Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken will make the jump onto the PlayStation Vita next year. The handheld port will include brand new levels, a fresh difficulty setting, and a handful of platform exclusive input mechanics.

“From the beginning, I’ve really wanted to include these large Orwellian video panels where a boss character would be able to literally talk down at his underlings,” producer Sian Yue Tan revealed on the PlayStation Blog. “For the Vita release, we created a couple of huge new chapters from scratch to house these animated panels.”

The new Hardboiled difficulty setting sees you attempt to complete the campaign armed with just “a pea shooter and a very large knife”. That sounds like a real challenge. Furthermore, the game will integrate front and rear touch controls, as well as allow you to tilt the console to fully examine its gorgeous layered environments.

“The final feature we’d like to highlight is improved connectivity for the game’s co-op campaign,” Tan added. “To better fit with the portable nature of the game, you’ll be able to easily connect with a friend via online or ad-hoc mode for co-op play.”

The side-scrolling shooter’s due out early next year on Vita. We really enjoyed the PS3 release, so this is definitely worth keeping an eye on.