Wave chase

Grand Theft Auto V is set to get its first full blowout later today – putting the Internet on red-alert. The hotly anticipated Game Informer reveal – which has been teased for weeks now – will take place at 17:00PM GMT, forcing those of us in the UK to endure another long day at the office. Fortunately, the first details of the hotly anticipated cover story have already leaked, with Shortlist magazine reporting that the sequel's protagonist is an East Coast gangster who's supposedly moved to the title's fictional setting of Los Santos in order to escape from a life of crime. Predictably, he's pulled back into the seedy underground during the course of the adventure. That certainly corroborates with the comments made during the crime drama's first trailer.

It's not the most interesting set-up in the world, is it? We're pretty sure that Rockstar will bring its trademark wit and humour to the experience, but we were hoping for a much grander premise from the sequel if we're honest. Still, we're eagerly anticipating this evening's full reveal.

[source computerandvideogames.com]