Not pictured: immature squealing

Pandora will grow yet again next week, when Borderlands 2’s second expansion pack Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage targets the PlayStation Store. The expansion – which was leaked courtesy of an errant set of Trophies last month – will add new environments, narrative, and, of course, loot to the addictive first-person shooter. It’s geared towards players at level 15 and upwards, but enemies will scale depending on your progress.

According to IGN, the add-on “mixes Borderlands 2’s typical mission structure with the Circles of Slaughter seen in the main game, using horde mode-style battles to punctuate story missions throughout its running time”. It sounds like fun to us – as long as Gearbox has toned down the unfunny dialogue from the primary campaign.

The DLC will be available as a free download for those who’ve already purchased a Season Pass for the shooter. Everyone else will have to pay $9.99/£7.99.