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MLB 12: The Show is widely considered to be the pinnacle of baseball gaming – and now you’ll be to sample it at a bargain bin price-point. With the end of the season in full swing, publisher Sony has dropped the price of its premium sports title to just $29.99 on PS3 and $19.99 on Vita. That means you’ll be able to test out the game's cross-platform features at a combined $50, which is less than the PS3 version originally launched for. Not bad, huh?

Sony also teamed up with ESPN to simulate this year’s MLB playoffs in MLB 12: The Show. We’d love to provide some commentary on the results, but our knowledge of baseball is about on par with our understanding of astrophysics. That is to say: not very good. Still, you can read the whole thing through here if you’re that way inclined.

Does anyone fancy a game of rounders?

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