Bite-sized titles are the focus of PlayStation Mobile

The launch of PlayStation Mobile this week underlines Sony’s drive to keep its gaming brand relevant, according to UK gaffer Fergal Gara. The likeable executive was talking candidly with about the growth of the industry and the changes that are taking place.

"Gaming habits are evolving at a hell of a pace, faster than ever before," he admitted. "Almost every device is a gaming device in some shape or form. People are choosing to game left, right and centre.

"We want the PlayStation brand to be where consumers are. So we're going to have to evolve our business models. We're going to have to reach out beyond the traditional narrow world of, ‘We do consoles underneath tellies full stop’. We're taking our brand out, whether it be through PlayStation Mobile or through cloud techniques or acquisitions. That's the goal.”

PlayStation Mobile released earlier this week with a whole raft of games – some of them costing less than £0.99. Gara continued that it’s important the platform branches out, otherwise it risks losing relevancy.

"Do we want to be relevant in the future to the world of gaming? Absolutely," he added. "Of course we do. Do we have a great strength in handheld and home consoles? Yes we do. But will that be enough on its own? Well no, not necessarily. So we'd like to be as relevant as we possibly can be."

Have you played any of the PlayStation Mobile launch titles yet? What are your favourites?