The real test is figuring out this menu

Sony’s slick handheld head-scratcher Smart As will fill the PlayStation Vita with plenty of mind-bending puzzles later this month, the platform holder has announced. The game – narrated by Monty Python legend John Cleese – will test your mental muscle with a host of challenges based on four key areas: Logic, Arithmetic, Language and Observation.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to share your statistics with players from around the world courtesy of the title’s online leaderboards, as well as with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

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Unfortunately, the game will cost £24.99/$29.99, which seems a shade too expensive to us. We’ve played Smart As, and it’s a well designed little package – but we’re not sure it warrants such a large price-tag. We’ll find out for certain when the title releases on 30th October in North America and 31st October in Europe.

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