Dead light district

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. Square Enix has released the first trailer for Sleeping Dogs’ upcoming Hallowe’en themed expansion, Nightmare in North Point – and it features a devilish feline foe named Smiley Cat. Y’see, in life Big Scar Wu was a high-rolling gangster. But when he was murdered by the Sun On Yee and fed to the grinder at the Smiley Cat food plant, he suffered a torrid time in the underworld. Mockingly renamed Smiley Cat by the living dead, the angered antagonist decides to gather an army of Jiang Shi and unleash his revenge on the Sun On Yee. Of course, that spells trouble for current poster boy Wei Shen.

The DLC will see you seeking out a powerful Chinese magic, designed to help you take on Smiley Cat and the undead. It sounds like the very best kind of nonsense – and we can’t wait to play it when the content releases around Hallowe’en.