Packed with potential

Nintendo tends to be the best source for PlayStation sales information in Europe – and its latest financial report has delivered once again. But while there is good news for Sony’s flagship platform in the region, it’s off-set by some disappointing numbers for the PlayStation Vita.

According to figures released as part of Nintendo’s most recent financial briefing, Sony’s latest handheld has slumped to irrelevance in Europe since release. The console is being handily outsold by the Nintendo 3DS, and, incredibly, is being outpaced by its aging predecessor, too. It’s perhaps worth nothing that the PSP is still extremely popular in parts of continental Europe, but, regardless, this doesn’t make for particularly positive reading.

The good news is that while the Vita is struggling, the PS3 is on fire in Europe. It’s not quite on par with its tally from 2011, but it’s still way ahead of its competitors. The Xbox 360 is lagging behind in second, while the Wii continues to tail off ahead of the Wii U's launch. In addition, three of the five best selling games in the region are for PS3.

As a result, it's mixed news for Sony. There’s no doubt that the Vita will see a boost leading into Christmas, but it’s going to need to be a big one in order to reverse the fortunes of the troubled platform. Meanwhile, the PS3 will probably continue to dominate way into next year, depending, of course, on the popularity of the Wii U.