Mascot mash-up madness will come early to PlayStation Plus subscribers this week, when the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale public beta launches on 16th October in North America and 17th October in Europe. Vanilla account holders will be invited to join the crossover chaos on 23rd October in North America and 24th October in Europe, when the multiplayer test opens to everyone.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita cross-play sampler will include six characters from the main game: Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa, and Fat Princess. It’ll boast two stages (Metropolis and Hades), in addition to two game types (free-for-all and two-on-two).

The beta’s set to run until 30th October, but if the test tickles your fancy then it’s worth remembering that pre-orders at participating retailers will be rewarded with a set of alternative outfits for each of the characters. Highlights include Sackgirl, Metal Gear Solid 2-era Raiden, and Kessler in place of Good Cole.

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