Watch these guys succumb to the sounds of Toploader

Patapon fans disappointed by the lack of tactical rhythm action on the PlayStation Vita may find themselves drawn to Orgarhythm, an incredibly difficult to spell real-time strategy title from Acquire. The game – available now from the North American PlayStation Store – encourages you to tap, slide and drag your finger to the beat in order to guide the God of Light and his forces against the tyrannically God of Darkness. Bet it didn’t take long to come up with those names.

“If you can keep the beat you’ll also power up, build your army and add new layers of music as you play,” explained localisation specialist Jessica Chavez on the PlayStation Blog. “Strategy also comes into play when you face off against your similarly colour-coded foes. Orgarhythm uses a paper-rock-scissors system where certain elements are strong against one colour and weaker against another. So in order to maximize your advantage when sending troops off to battle, your best bet is to deploy whatever element opposes the kind of enemy you’re facing.”

The game features 12 stages with “insane bosses”, leaderboards, online and local co-operative multiplayer, and an eclectic original soundtrack. It’s available now from the North American PlayStation Store for $29.99.