Armed and ready

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified may have been trashed at GamesCom earlier this year, but developer Nihilistic Software insists that the shooter’s making good progress. “I think the most noticeable [improvement] is a significant visual upgrade,” Nihilistic’s Robert Heubner told the PlayStation Blog. “A richer colour palette, more detailed models, and better lighting overall. Also we implemented an entirely new animation blending system that allows us to capture a lot of nuanced animation that Call of Duty players are accustomed to.”

Nihilistic has revealed two multiplayer maps for the spin-off thus far, Nukehouse and Range. Unsurprisingly, the former is based on fan-favourite Nuketown – but it’s a lot more claustrophobic than the original map. “Nuketown is obviously a fan favourite so we wanted to really do an homage to that map,” Heubner continued. “Nukehouse is a tighter level overall but tries to capture the unique look and feel of the original.”

The game will feature all of the weapon modification options from the main series, including suppressors, extended mags, underaction grenade launchers, and different optics. There’ll also be new additions such as improved grip, and “adjustable stock, which gives full movement speed while aiming”. As always, these will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Furthermore, there’ll be a total of 12 perks in the title, with a “mix of new and returning abilities”. Favourites such as Hardline, Marksman, and Lightweight will be joined by Surplus (extra starting ammo and grenades), Hardwired (immune to Counter Spy Plane), and Toughness (reduced flinching when shot).

Heubner also touched upon the game’s single-player campaign, explaining that it “consists of intense and replayable objective-based missions that allow you to get better and better over time to improve your performance”. There’ll also be survival missions where you have to deter a never ending army of foes.

Nihilistic certainly talks a good game, but now it needs to deliver one. We’re keeping everything crossed for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – what about you?