After a brief dalliance with the Xbox 360, Joe Danger 2: The Movie will finally speed onto the PlayStation Store next week, developer Hello Games has announced. The game will be available from 9th October in North America, and 10th October in Europe. It’ll cost just £9.99/$14.99.

“We killed ourselves to make that [date] possible,” gaffer Sean Murray informed us, before collapsing on the spot and forcing us to frantically inform emergency services.

The PS3 version of Joe Danger 2: The Movie will include a whole new section entitled Joe Danger: Gaiden. “It’s actually a throwback to when we made the original Joe Danger,” Murray continued after being resuscitated by medical staff. “Our first prototype was this very tight, very challenging game that took about 10 hours to complete. No tutorials, no handholding, just fun arcade gameplay. Our friends loved it, but only the most skilled players could master it. Actually, if I remember right, none of us were able to complete it.”

Consequentially, Hello Games were forced to go back to the drawing board and rebuild much of the first game. But it always wanted to release Gaiden to fans of the original – and it felt the PS3 version of Joe Danger 2: The Movie would provide the perfect opportunity.

“What's cool is it's a complete game that takes easily ten hours to complete,” Murray enthused. “Many of the levels will be familiar to fans of the original, and others are experiments that we loved but were too challenging or quirky for the main game. We’ve revisited them all and added a bunch of new stuff from Joe Danger 2 like Pro Medals and hidden challenges where you become a monkey on a jetpack.”

However, the Gaiden campaign isn’t the only improvement to the PS3 version of Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The upgraded sequel will also include YouTube support, better level-editing, smoothed out difficulty spikes, and “basically any other feedback we could reasonably listen to”.

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