Sonic screwdrivers and stuff

It seems the titular Eternity Clock is running slow, seeing as Doctor Who’s arrival on PlayStation Vita is extremely late. Nearing six months since the PS3 release, BBC Worldwide has confirmed that the critically panned Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will arrive in handheld form next week. That’s 9th October in North America and 10th October in Europe.

The Vita version of the game will include a handful of new features, including touch-screen controls and Near integration. “Using Near, players can collect ‘Gallifreyan’ medals while playing through the adventure and then drop them in a GPS location for other players to collect,” executive producer Simon Harris explained. “Grow your collection while searching for other players’ medals.”

Furthermore, the game will take advantage of cross-save functionality if you already have the misfortune of owning the PS3 game. It won’t, however, be compatible with cross-buy.

There’s no word on a price yet, but we assume it won’t break the bank. If you’re eager for more information, divert your peepers towards the PlayStation Blog.