Tempting proposition

Wonderbook: Book of Spells is brimming with potential. The augmented reality PlayStation 3 exclusive has the opportunity to tempt both hardcore Harry Potter fanatics and casual gamers alike – assuming Sony gets its marketing department in order.

It’s made the first step by announcing that newcomers in Europe will be able to purchase the title alongside the Wonderbook peripheral, a PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move motion controller and 12GB console for €289.99 (roughly £229.99). A 500GB version of the bundle will also be made available for €329.99 (roughly £264.99).

A third package for existing PlayStation 3 owners will include the game, a Wonderbook peripheral, a PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move motion controller. That’ll cost €79.99 (roughly £64.99). Finally, a standalone version including the game and the Wonderbook peripheral will retail for €39.99 (roughly £29.99). Phew.

The 12GB console bundle will probably prove to be the best option for families this Christmas. It’s just a shame Sony couldn’t get the price beneath £199.99.

Nevertheless, the title’s set to apparate onto store shelves on 14th November in Europe.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]