Mind reader

If you’re tired of inputting passwords and illegible CAPTCHA codes, then Sony has a solution that just might interest you. The platform holder has registered a patent for a technology that would allow various consumer electronics devices (including mobile phones, keyboards, and, yes, gaming consoles) to automatically identify who’s using them through the use of biometric data.

It’s unclear exactly how the technology would work, but the patent mentions various sensors like “fingerprint sensors, hand sensors, face recognition systems, iris scanners, retinal scanners, voice pattern analyzers, and DNA analyzers". Pretty scary, huh?

The patent explains that the technology could be used for anti-piracy measures and content restriction, which we suppose is a good thing. It’s also worth noting that Sony recently submitted a registration for an upgraded DualShock controller able to read your pulse and heart rate.

[source portal.uspto.gov, via playstationlifestyle.net]