Night dreamer

The season of superb SEGA remakes will not end with the excellent Jet Set Radio HD. The publisher has confirmed that it will release both NiGHTS into Dreams HD and Sonic Adventure 2 HD on 2nd October in North America. Those of you in Europe will face a breathless 24-hour wait for the titles to sprint overseas, with the re-releases scheduled to hit the PlayStation Store on 3rd October. Both games will cost $9.99/£6.49.

Each copy of NiGHTS HD will include instant access to the classic’s infamous holiday-themed expansion. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to purchase Sonic Adventure 2 HD’s Battle Mode for an additional $2.99 (roughly £1.84).

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SEGA’s digital releases have been stellar these past couple of months, so we have no doubt that both NIGHTS HD and Sonic Adventure 2 HD will continue to do the business. Let us know if you're planning on snapping up either of the titles in the comments section below.