A kind of rush

At this point, the developers at SuperBot Entertainment must be having nightmares about any remaining PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale information – especially considering the sheer wealth of details that have already spilled online.

As such, if you work for the unlucky developer, you might want to cover your eyes right now: an errant image appears to have outed another unannounced character for the mascot mash-up. According to All Games Beta, recent PlayStation heroine Kat from Vita exclusive Gravity Rush is set to join the fold. The recruit was supposedly spotted in the biography section of the game’s official website.

While the image looks legitimate, this kind of leak is fairly easy to fake. As a result, we recommend exercising extreme caution. That said, Kat has been pretty high on our PlayStation All-Stars wishlist ever since her Vita debut, so we’d desperately like for this rumour to come true.

[source allgamesbeta.com]