Watch where you're pointing that thing

Not seen enough of Resident Evil 6 before release yet? Then you'll be pleased to hear that there's a brand new demo coming to the PlayStation Store on 18th September.

The trial will give you a little taste of each of the game's three main campaigns, and each level can be played in either single player or online co-op. You'll be able to join Leon S. Kennedy in the dark corridors of Ivy University, fight your way through the streets of Lanshiang with newbie Jake or fight a three-storey high mutated beast in Edonia with Chris Redfield.

It's separate to the one released for Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma owners a couple of months ago, though if you possess Dragon's Dogma on PlayStation 3 you'll be able to download that original demo from 5th September, too.

Resident Evil 6 will infest PlayStation 3s in North America and Europe on 2nd October. You've got a month to get those zombie-hunting skills up to speed. You've probably got time to read our Resident Evil 6 preview too.