About all BioWare's willing to show

It’s probably telling that Dragon Age III: Inquisition’s announcement flew straight over our heads. We spend all day, everyday scouting out the best PlayStation 3 news – but this announcement didn’t come with the fervour that typically accompanies a big sequel reveal. “More Dragon Age?” pondered drowsy voices around the Push Square office. “We should probably post something about that, shouldn’t we?” And here we are. Can we go to the pub, yet?

In truth, it’s a strange announcement. In a blog on BioWare’s website, Mark Darrah noted that the company was only talking about the game because of recent leaks. “A lot of information and rumours have surfaced recently and we don't want to hide from them,” he explained.

Apparently the Mass Effect developer has been working on the game for about two years. It will be powered by EA’s now ubiquitous (and brilliant) Frostbite 2 engine, and will deliver a "more expansive world, better visuals, more reactivity to player choices and more customisation". The studio’s also been paying close attention to the harsh reaction to Dragon Age II.

“We've visited message boards, read reviews, and we've gone to events to have direct face to face conversations with some of our most passionate fans. We've been listening, and we will continue to listen,” Darrah continued.

Unfortunately, additional details are scarce. The game’s due out in 2013, which would probably make it a PlayStation 3 game. However, the studio’s being particularly coy about platforms, hinting that next-generation's possible, too. We’ll see.

Does anyone honestly care about more Dragon Age, though? No – didn’t think so.

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