Just think of all that tax revenue

PlayStation Home has had its fair share of ambitious content lately – but Home Tycoon looks like a real step above. The free-to-play city building game promises a strategic business simulation with a twist.

Indeed, in addition to growing and nurturing your own hometown from a top-down perspective, you’ll also be able to explore it from ground level as your PlayStation Home avatar. And that’s where things get really interesting – there are a slew of over-the-top activities for you to participate in. Developer Hellfire Games is keeping a lid on most of these, but it has teased fire fighting mini-games and car chases. Naturally, performing well in these side-missions will improve the popularity of your city.

Playing the game will reward you with over 50 avatar rewards, with presumably more to come as the game expands with paid content. You’ll even be able to share your city with other players, courtesy of Home’s hub world.

It all sounds mighty impressive, and while the basic visuals aren’t going to win any awards, we’re glad this type of content is beginning to make an impact on PlayStation Home.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]