The scene of the attack / free gaming workshop

This year marks the 4th Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends at Westwood College in Anaheim, CA. The event is free to attend and features panels, workshops and even pitch sessions, but one event (you can view a complete list here) stands out in particular: Water Balloon Trebuchet.

And while Water Balloon Trebuchet sounds like an experience you're not likely to find on the PlayStation Network in the near future, you can still enjoy it the Sony way, as the company will have four reps on hand for the real thing: Tina Kowalewski (Director, External Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America), Kevin Brown (Art Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America), Harvard Bonin (Senior Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment) and Cecil Kim (Lead Concept Artist at Sony Computer Entertainment).

Also scheduled to present are Dave "Fargo" Kosak of Blizzard Entertainment, Voldi Way of WayForward Technologies, and others.

Of course, the entire point of the Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends is to provide a free and informative platform for those who plan to pursue a career in video game development to interact directly with those who can guide them best, but we all know where the real money is.

Water Balloon Trebuchet.

It might be worth stopping by if you're in the area and interested in either game design, or rubber sacks full of water. Or, hey, both.