Mission accomplished

Grasshopper Manufacture is no stranger to commercial failure, but it looks like the studio has finally secured a timely hit. The Japanese developer has declared that it has shipped over 700,000 copies of Lollipop Chainsaw worldwide, making it the most successful title in the company’s history.

Studio gaffer Suda 51 and Japanese publisher Kadokawa Games proudly flaunted the figure at the game’s ‘Summer Appreciation Event’ in Tokyo. The news comes just a year after Shadows of the Damned flopped horribly across the globe.

To celebrate Lollipop Chainsaw’s success, Suda 51 revealed a new trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture’s next project, Killer Is Dead. According to sources, the game will feature a katana-wielding cyborg and oodles of hot girls. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

The game’s due out next year on PS3. We’re sure it’ll make its public debut at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

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