Exotic environments

Lest you forget that Starhawk actually released this year, developer Lightbox Interactive has announced a new update for the PS3 exclusive. Set to release later today, the patch includes a cavalcade of gameplay fixes, in addition to a couple of brand new multiplayer maps.

The maps are set on Cypress, the first planet where Rift Energy was discovered in the New Frontier. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, president Dylan Jobe explained that the location has since been abandoned, and is subsequently covered in “lush vegetation”.

The maps have been designed with player feedback in mind. According to Jobe, “players wanted to see more cover and places for troops to hide”. As such, the new locations feature plenty of overgrowth, and even a handful of pre-built structures with interiors.

Other updates to the title include the addition of prestige levels. These are for players who have already reached the game’s level cap, and take the form of Greek symbols. “These are very hard ranks to achieve and the jump from level 50 to ALPHA is steep because these are really intended for the hardcore community,” said Jobe.

You can peruse the full list of tweaks and updates through here. Are you still playing Starhawk?

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]