Proof that John Cleese is actually involved

Sony’s snapped up Monty Python legend John Cleese for its upcoming social brain training title, Smart As. The inspirational comedian will act as a narrator for the game, adding witty dialogue designed to both encourage and goad you into improving your scores.

“The decision to approach John to work on the game came about a couple of months ago,” explained producer Ian Pickles. “We were incredibly happy with the game, but we felt we needed to bring in someone as the voice whose personality would instantly bring the competitive and fun nature of the title to the forefront. John was immediately a popular choice with all of us on the team and we were over the moon when he agreed to join us working on the game.”

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Smart As is due out later this year for PlayStation Vita. It promises to test your brain with over “20 unique, engaging, tactile puzzle games and location-based challenges”. Personally, we were sold at the very mention of Monty Python...

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