Electric avenue

Bog-standard Cole MacGrath will not be the only supercharged fighter to appear in SuperBot Entertainment’s upcoming mascot mash-up, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Speaking at the GameStop Managers Show in San Antonio this afternoon, the developer also confirmed the inclusion of Evil Cole as a playable character in the game.

The anti-hero will occupy a separate slot to his goody two-shoes counterpart, and will have a unique move list to reflect his darker personality. “Evil Cole harnesses the powers of both electrokinesis and pyrokinesis in battle,” explained community manager Dan Maniago on the PlayStation Blog. “inFamous fans with a taste for destruction need look no further for their character of choice.”

Evil Cole can attack opponents from afar with bursts of fire and electricity, or engage enemies in close quarters with incendiary strikes. “Players can utilise familiar attacks such as the Hellfire Rocket, Tripwire Rocket, and Firebird Strike to dispatch foes,” added Maniago, noting that he can also harness the power of the Beast as part of his super attacks.

Ionic Drain gives Evil Cole an additional advantage, allowing him to suck AP away from his enemies. “He brings an offense-heavy playstyle to the fight that rivals that of the most fearsome challengers on the roster,” concluded Maniago.

More announcements are scheduled to take place at PAX Prime later this week. In the meantime, check out Evil Cole in action courtesy of the trailer below.