Leading lady

This time last year there was rampant speculation that Sony was about to announce a brand new exclusive title from DONTNOD Entertainment. That game turned out to be a multiplatform project without a publisher called Adrift.

Despite the silence of the French upstart over the past 12 months, Adrift has re-emerged this morning under the guise Remember Me. It'll be published by Capcom.

The game features a female protagonist called Nilin, who is shown running around a futuristic interpretation of Paris in the debut trailer below. In the fiction, people are implanted with Sensation Engines which allows them to capture memories.

The lead character, however, has the ability to remix memories, forming a key component of the gameplay. In one example, she is shown using her ability to trick a security guard into thinking he murdered his wife. Consumed by guilt, he ends up taking his own life, allowing the protagonist to stealthily slip by. Morbid, but pretty darn effective.

The game’s due out in May 2013 on PlayStation 3. Check out the debut trailer below – it looks fantastic.