Deal with it

Fans are warming to DmC’s re-imagined Dante, according to Capcom’s Alex Jones. The protagonist’s makeover prompted rabid followers to pepper developer Ninja Theory with death threats upon the title’s initial unveiling, but the publisher reckons the outrage is now finally beginning to die down.

"There was always going to be people who saw new Dante and who didn't want it, and that's fine,” he told VG247. “Being angry about it – yeah I get that – but we always said, 'When you see the game and you play it, trust me, you're going to understand that we were doing the right thing’. Now that's happening. So yeah it's vindication, but it's not like smugly sitting back and going 'ha ha’. It's more like, 'We understand why you guys had doubts, and we knew that we had to prove this to you, and we were happy to do it’. That was our responsibility."

Jones added that, despite Dante’s new look, the character will still be recognisable to fans of the series. "He's still irreverent, he's still – at the end of the day – the guy who will kick your ass and drop a cool one liner afterwards."

But he hasn’t got white hair, so let’s all whine in the comments...

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