Learning lines

We thought our University dissertation – which clocked in at just under 200 pages for all four of you curious – was a whopping hunk of content, but it turns out that David Cage is the master of racking up a word count. The ambitious writer has revealed during a GamesCom panel that upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond’s script is a whopping 2,000 pages long.

Impressively Cage wrote the entire lot himself, and performers such as Ellen Page had to actually learn the lines. “Our actors all had to learn their lines and deliver them from memory. Ellen had hundreds of pages, worth about three or four movies,” he said, as reported by VG247.

During the panel, Cage once again detailed Beyond’s improved performance capture techniques. Unlike previous title Heavy Rain – which recorded performance and voice separately – Beyond captures both elements at the same time. This, according Cage, results in much more believable performances.

Cage also took a moment to outline the title’s overarching theme. “This game is not about paranormal events. It’s about relationships, growing, and about how the different moments in your life define who you are. It’s about death, about something that will happen to all of you here one day. It’s about emotions people feel, how they think, how they act and how they fear death – about what lies beyond on the other side,” he said.

Who’s feeling a teensy bit depressed after that, then?

[source vg247.com]