Jumping for joy

Capcom are fighting back the upcoming zombie apocalypse with three new gameplay videos of Resident Evil 6, featuring Leon, Helena, Chris, Jake and Sherry. Please be aware, that the following videos contain bad language and scenes of gory zombie-infested violence. Just like any Resident Evil video should.

The first video shows our favourite Resident Evil protagonist Leon, with his partner Helena fighting their way through Tall Oaks underground station as the classic T-Virus zombies attempt to swamp the surrounding area.

In the second video Chris Redfield and his team encounter a giant snake, which has the ability to turn invisible. It can be assumed that the giant snake is a type of constrictor, as we witness it trying to squeeze the living daylights out of poor Chris.

The last video gives us a glimpse at what we can expect from four-player co-op boss battles. Jake and Sherry have teamed up with Leon and Helena to take down the Ustanak, a rather mean-looking baddie with an array of dangerous attacks. It's most likely that the Ustanak has been created using the new, even deadlier, C-Virus. The battle takes place at an aeroplane crash site, and displays how the two storylines can cross over during co-op play.

Resident Evil 6 is heading to the PS3 on 2nd October in both the US and Europe.

[source qj.net]