No wonder she looks so upset

For the millions of readers that have spent the PlayStation 3’s entire lifespan drooling over Square Enix’s oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we have some sound advice for you: stop reading this article right now. And if you really must persist, make sure you have a brand new box of Kleenex within reach.

According to a rumour on Kotaku, the hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive has been canned after a whopping six years in development. The publication adds that the company won’t make an announcement regarding the project's cancellation in order to protect its share price – instead, it’s hoping that fans will simply forget the game was ever announced. Well, you can’t miss what you never had right?

Speculation is currently rife regarding the future of the ostentatiously labelled Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Square Enix is expected to make a batch of new announcements on 1st September, with Final Fantasy XIII-3 the most probable reveal.

Pitchforks at the ready, then.